Thursday, 26 December 2013

Unwrapping some Christmas presents.

Henry is unwrapping his Christmas gift from Aunty Kendal.

Oh wow, a desk lamp!  He exclaims.

This will be great for reading with!

Next he has a look inside his Christmas stocking

Yeah a flash light/torch!  Thank you Aunty Kendal!

This is cool!  What fun I am going to have with this.  Henry says.

Thank you Aunty Kendal, I love my gifts :-)


Rory is opening his parcel from Father Christmas

I wonder what is inside it?  He thinks.

Rory has a good feel, but can't work it out.

He opens the present and has a look at what is inside.

Yippee!  He cheers loudly.  A lego frog!

Just what I wanted!

Without any delay Rory opens the packet lays the pieces out....

....and looks at the instructions.

He makes good progress....

Hmmm....perhaps a little stuck here. 
 Has another look at the instructions to check that everything is going okay.

Before long it is finished!

Rory is very pleased with his Japanese Tree Frog

He had been reading all about them and is fascinated by all frogs.

Rory puts the little frog on a little platform.

He spends quite a long time admiring the frog and his handiwork at building lego.

He thinks it looks very much like the real thing!


  1. Hello again, Lorraine. You are a busy little posting bee. The boys are adorable opening their presents. What boy (or girl for that matter) doesn't love a torch? And what a perfect present for your little zoologist, Rory. His own lego frog. So sweet.

  2. I wish I had a Lego frog too, Rory! - Jocelyn

    1. He thought you might Jocelyn and thought of you when he was making it!

  3. Wonderful presents!!! Aunty Kendal is making sure Henry can see the "light" and he is certain to read some good books or take on a night time adventure with his great gifts! The lego frog is adorable!!! Great Christmas presents :)

    1. I can imagine there will indeed be some late night reading or explorations with these gifts.

  4. Two very useful presents for Henry, he can now read in bed with that torch!!!!
    And the perfect gift for Rory, another frog for him to look after!

    1. Yes, definitely the perfect gift for Rory. As for the torch and lamp I've already had to tell the boys to turn the light off very late at night!

  5. So pleased 'Dear' Henry that you like your two gifts from the Sasha Brood and I. Hope that they will prove to be useful during these dark nights.
    Wishing you a very happy New Year.

    1. Very useful indeed, thank you very much and lots of best wishes to you as well for a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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