Saturday, 14 December 2013

Advent Day Fourteen

Do you want to help me today Alice?  Weaver asks Alice.

Well if you don't mind Weaver, that would be great.  Alice replies.  This is your first Christmas with us isn't it?  

Yes it is.  Weaver replies.  What fun it is too, I never expected something like this Calendar!

The boys got to open a dinosaur one last year, but us girls did all the decorating instead.  Alice tells Weaver.  I think this one is lovely, much better than silly old dinosaurs!

Now where is number 14?  Weaver asks.

The girls search for the little door with the number 14 on it.

Oh look there it is!  Alice points out.

So it is.  Says Weaver.

Ready Alice?  I wonder what will be in there today?  Weaver asks as she goes to open the door.

Alice watches intently as Weaver opens the door.

Reaches in slowly.

Very slowly...she likes  a little suspense!

Finally she pulls out the gift.

What is it?  Alice asks.

Let's see shall we.  Weaver replies.

I think it goes together like this.

That's it....

First part done!  Weaver says as she puts the platform on the base.

Now what?  Alice asks as Weaver looks at her handiwork.

Patience Alice.  Weaver tells her.

The roof goes on next.

Just like so.  Weaver tells Alice as she puts the roof on the little bird feeder.

Now where shall we put it.  Oh I know just down here.

Weaver puts the bird feeder in place.

Look Weaver, the animals are all eating the grass and the little rabbits are nibbling the carrot!  Alice exclaims as she points them out to Weaver.

Oh how sweet indeed!  Weaver says.

Weaver poses for her Christmas photo.

Weaver is a of course an early blonde side-part and is also one of the Trendon girls for this month.  

A close up of her gorgeous pin point eyes.

As I didn't really do an 'officical' Christmas photo of Alice she too asked for one.

Alice (1968/9 Kilt)

A close up of her gorgeous eyes.


  1. Weaver is very beautiful! I think she may be a bit of an engineer with her ability to put things together and understand design ;). How fun it is to see a little movement in the scene. I did think the bunnies would find the carrots and Santa sure is happy :)

    1. She is isn't she?

      Yes it seems now the action in the scene is starting...of course I have no control over it....but I was starting to wonder!

  2. What lovely 'sharing with others' kids you have there. Peer group friends are great to share any fun or action with. The little bird table is delightful. I was wondering what was going to stand in the hole in the grass in front of the tree.

    Enjoying seeing some movement amongst the animals now as the scene begins to fill up and take shape.
    A bit like my doll's house overnight when I was a child after the fairies had visited. The doll family were never where I had left them and were in different rooms doing other activities plus all the little cakes and biscuits that I use to bake had always been eaten and a little thank you note written saying how delicious they were.

    The whole set is very similar to the Playmobile sets. Very creative setting the different scenes whilst learning about the animals and the foods thatbthey eat.

    1. They are indeed. All of them are very kind hearted and love to share - just as well really with so many of them! The little bird table is so cute isn't it?

      Oh how wonderful that your doll's house dolls were 'alive' Kendal. I just think that is so wonderful! I have just read several delightful books about the little people who live in a Dolls house and have thoroughly been enjoying them - a real dose of childhood mysteries and wonders.

      I think Playmobile is really amazing and such fun, as you say creative and educational at the same time.

  3. Weaver must be having a wonderful time enjoying her Christmas this side of the Atlantic. This scene gets more magical everyday and I want to play!


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