Sunday, 1 December 2013

1st December - Weaver & Mary Ellen

My last two Trendon girls for the year to represent the month of December are:

Weaver and Mary Ellen.

Weaver was waiting for me at Norvell's when I went to the USA for the Sasha Festival.  She is a lovely early blonde side-part girl and as you can see she chose blue tones for her Christmas dress.

The lovely red head was an unexpected purchase from Dear Jackie Kraemer and she too came home with me from the USA.  As soon as I saw this girl with her wonderfully perfect straight full fringe I knew I wouldn't be able to resist her. She is a 1969 Dungarees Sasha.   Mary Ellen has chosen the green Christmas dress which I think she looks just delightful in.

These two girls have fitted well in my Sasha family and get on well with each other and the other girls.

All the girls are very excited about Christmas and are looking forward to helping with the decorations.

From left to right:  Meredith, Sally, Mary Ellen, Tilly Rose, Molly & Alice.

Left to Right:  Monica, Victoria, Weaver, Marcia and BJ.


  1. A really gorgeous collection of girls that you now have there. All looking spruced up for Christmas in their best dresses.
    Hope that they manage to keep as clean, neat and tidy for the actual day. Best remind them to put on their aprons if they are going to do anymore cooking or house cleaning.

    1. Thank you Kendal. A lovely group of girls indeed. I will remind them about aprons, should they get the urge to do any more cooking or house cleaning...I wish!

  2. What lovely girlies! I love the 1969 Dungarees girl...she is very pretty! I love the full fringe.

  3. The girls are looking very pretty all together there with their prams. The two newbies are lovely, I love the blond girls blue eys, very pretty but particularly like the redhead....she is lovely! She chose good colours for herself too, redheads in green, perfect! Of course little blondie, Weaver, is perfect in blues too, really bringing out the colour of her eyes!!


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