Saturday, 7 December 2013

Advent Day Seven

Caleb, Susan and Cora gather round the Advent Calendar as it is Susan and Cora's turn today to open one of the little doors.

They look for door number 7 and find it.

Susan opens it and Cora reaches in to take out the little gift wondering what it will be today.

What is it Cora?  Susan asks.  I can't see.

I'm not sure, let's open it and see.  Cora replies.

Oh look it is a little sled.  Caleb says.

It looks like it has a bit missing.  Cora points out.

The picture shows it having a bar across here.  Cora points to the sled.

Let's see if was left inside.  She suggests.

They all look inside.

It isn't there.  Susan says disappointedly.

Don't be sad Susan.  Caleb says.

Never mind Susan, don't be sad, perhaps it wasn't meant to have that extra bar...It is a little different to the picture anyway.  Cora  reassures her.

They put the sled down and give Santa the handle and load up the cauliflower onto the sled.

There doesn't that look good?

Santa seems quite happy that he now as a sled to pull around the food for the animals.

Christmas portrait.

Caleb, Susan and Cora.

Caleb (Has been with me since May 2011)  Susan ( Has been with me since April 2011)   Cora (She has also been with me since May 2011)

Caleb (Petite early Caleb)

Susan (1982 Sweater girl)

Cora (1970s Pink Striped Dress)


  1. I love the outfits, specially Caleb's trousers and Cora's shoes...waiting impatiently now for you-know-who to appear!

  2. The scene is certainly taking shape now, looking at these each day is like a special advent calender x

  3. When I saw the first photo I immediately thought that it was going to be Caleb and Cora opening the seventh window but then realised that I was wrong in my assumption and it's the two girls.

    I'm now getting the fuller picture as it is going to be Father Christmas taking food for the animals on the sledge (as had wondered about the two cauliflowers earlier on.)

    All looking very festively dressed.

  4. So happy to see my old friend Cora again! I wonder where that missing sled piece might be? It looks fine the way it is, though. :-)

    1. I thought you might enjoy seeing Cora again, she is very much loved! :-)

  5. This gets better every day - love the extra details about your little people today.

  6. Great photos Lorraine! I love their outfits especially Susan's dress and shoes :). Thank you for the portrait and their adoption dates, 2011 was a great year for your Sasha family!! Hugs, xxxx

  7. Oprning the doors of the Advent calendar must need so much fun for the kids. The close-ups of each of them are marvelous, they are all so good looking.
    I am enjoying this unfolding story so much!


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