Sunday, 8 December 2013

Advent Day Eight

It is OUR turn today BJ .  Mary Ellen excitedly tells Brenda Julie.

I know, isn't this going to be fun.  BJ replies.

Now where is that little door?  They both say as they search for it

Here it is!  They say.

BJ holds the door open while Mary Ellen reaches in to take out the little package.

I wonder what we have in here?  Mary Ellen asks.

Let's have a look shall we?  Suggests BJ

This is such fun isn't it?  BJ says to Mary Ellen.

Oh yes, it is.  I want to play with this scene ALL day. Mary Ellen tells BJ.

The girls look at the little animals that they found inside the package.

Oh look!  How sweet!  They both say at the same time.

I've got a little grey mouse.  BJ tells Mary Ellen.

And I have a white mouse!  Mary Ellen tells BJ.

The girls sit down beside the scene and BJ puts her little mouse down and the vegetables on the sled.

There you go Santa, more vegetables for the animals.  BJ tells Santa.

Shall I put my little mouse with yours?  Mary Ellen asks BJ.

Oh yes do!  BJ replies.

There, says Mary Ellen.  The two little mice are together now.

Santa is happy that the sled is filling up with food for the animals.  They will need it as the weather gets colder.

So what do you think BJ?  Mary Ellen asks.  Shall we stay and play with the scene today?

That sounds like a great idea!  BJ replies.

The girls pose for their Christmas portraits.  This picture gives a good illustration of the difference in height.

Two gorgeous red heads, very different in shade, style and height!

Mary Ellen, is of course one of the Trendon girls of the month, she is a 1969 Dungarees girl. She is named for two people,  a mixture of Jackie Kraemer's sister's name and Ellen Church's name.

Brenda Julie, otherwise known as BJ, is my minty Redhead 1980 White Dress  (she came new in box from Brenda Walton at the Sasha Festival in 2012)


  1. Your red heads are so sweet and the little mice are well placed in the lovely Advent scene. Love their names too, very special :)

  2. Always interesting to see the differences in the dolls over a manufacturing decade period. Makes me wonder just how often they had to make and introduce new moulds.I always think that it's such a pity that such high demand made the factory have to resort to the Tampa printed eyes but then perhaps if it wasn't for this their production might have altogether ceased so much earlier.

    The two little field mice look to be really sweet and will most surely need the bundle of hay to hibernate in over the Winter months, if some of the other animals haven't eaten it all by then.

  3. B.J. must be related to Peggy Sue, thet both have that lovely auburn hair.

    I love those redheads!

  4. Wonderful redheads. We're enjoying your advent calendar, so good that all the dolls are getting a turn.

  5. A lovely start to my very early day, thank you BJ and Mary Ellen


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