Monday, 23 December 2013

Advent Day Twenty Three

Gosh only one more window to open tomorrow.  It is my turn to  open the 'penultimate' window today, do you want to help me?  Stevie asks.

Yes sure, that would be great.

Stevie and Alexander look for number 23.

Found it!  Stevie calls out excitedly

She opens the door carefully....

....and pulls out the little package.

Oh I wonder what this is?  She says.  It looks a bit like a little food trough.

Stevie tries to work out what the food is, while Alexander holds the little trough.

Where shall we put them?  Stevie asks.

Just down here I think.  Alex suggests.

Stevie thinks before she puts the food down.

Well there definitely seems to be plenty of food for the animals.  Alex says.

The animals will be well fed!

Stevie poses for her Christmas photo (even though she had her portrait taken the other day)

A pretty girl, dear to my heart.

Alexander poses for his Christmas photo.

Alex is a 1985 Prince Gregor.

Only one day left on the calendar now!  How quickly this month has flown by.  Only two more sleeps until Christmas Day.  All are very excited here indeed.


  1. Hi Alex! You look more comfortable now. Gregor - who used to be a prince too - just couldn't wait to get out of all that velvet, feather and girly-sparkle shoe wear when he arrived here. He's never liked his hair do much, either, but it just won't grow out....
    Jenni x

  2. I am not surprised to see the stunning Stevie again!!! She is just gorgeous with lovely eyes and pretty hair!! I love the fabric of her dress too and have really enjoyed your bright and beautiful creations during Advent!!

    Welcome Alex!! You are very handsome and fortunate to join this lovely Sasha family :). Merry Christmas to you <3

  3. Pleased to see that I was on the right track with today's window offering, a food container (but hadn't thought of there being food too to go in it.)
    SO tomorrow has to be the female figure (Mrs Santa Claus or Mrs Christmas) BUT the mystery is WHO is going to be DOING the actual opening? Is there a Sasha/Gregor doll still there who hasn't had a go yet?

  4. Hi Stevie! I'm so glad you've finally had your turn with the calendar - and it was kind of you to share it with Alex - love, Jocelyn


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