Saturday, 14 December 2013

A Parcel arrives for Henry

Henry hears a noise at the door, sounds like the postman has been early today.

Oh look a parcel for me!  He exclaims.

My very own parcel....

Henry takes the parcel and has a closer look.

Shall I see what is inside?  

Think I will need some scissors to cut this open.

oooh look a Christmas Stocking and present, how exciting.

A lovely card, gift and Christmas stocking for Henry.

I must go and put this under our little tree.

There, that looks just right.  

How lucky am I?

Thank you so much Aunty Kendal and our Sasha AND Gregor Brood for the lovely card and gifts.  I am going to wait until Christmas Day to open them.

Love Henry.


  1. Gosh that was quick arriving as only posted it out yesterday evening. Glad to see that you're being good and putting it under the tree for ready for opening on Christnas day.I hope that you like it
    Happy Christmas 'Dear' Henry.

  2. Wow, very quick indeed them, which is surprising as some of our post has been taking literally days to get here and there recently! Perhaps they are on the ball again? Lately it has been arriving at gone 5 in the afternoon, so it was a real shock to get post earlier in the day.

    Oh and Henry said he has also sent a bit {{hug}}

  3. Ooh, Henry! I wonder what is in there? If it came from Auntie Kendal, it is sure to be something wonderful. We will be with you by the time you open it and bringing you a little parcel from us too.
    See you next week!
    Emrys and James

  4. Someone is going to be having fun on Christmas Day! I wonder what's in there Henry? I'm sure it will be something really lovely from Aunti Kendal as she has very good taste!

  5. Wonderful tree for Henry and so nice to have a present to open!!!

  6. How lovely, now no peeping Henry x


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