Thursday, 19 December 2013

Advent Day Nineteen

Simon has asked Marcia to join him in opening the calendar today.  It is his turn and he is wondering what will be inside.

They find the number 19 door pretty quickly.

Simon doesn't waste much time in reaching up to open it.

He opens it up, reaches in and pulls out a package.

Look Marcia!  He says.

Two little fox pups

Marcia reaches over to have a stroke of the little fox cub Simon is holding.

How cute!  She says.

Simon pops the first down.

The placing of the second pup (or kit) calls for a closer inspection and a lecture!

Now Mrs Fox, you make sure you look after your little pups with care and NO EATING THE WILDLIFE!  He tells them sternly.

You know Simon, I don't think they will, you didn't have to be quite so gruff you know.  Marcia tells Simon.

Simon looks at Marcia a bit startled.  

Sorry, I didn't meant to sound gruff.  You don't think I have frightened them do you?  He asks.

No I am sure they will be okay.  She reassures him.

The fox family look quite settled.

Simon poses for his Christmas photo.

Simon is from the mid 70s and is a 'blue suit' Gregor.

Marcia missed out on her photo when she opened the door so here is her Christmas portrait.

Whispering....Marcia is probably the least pretty of my girls, but has a charm all of her own.  She is Gotz 'No Nose' from the early sixties.


  1. Simon isjust drop dead gorgeous, and Marcia is really very pretty - just in a different way from the Trendon girls. With her sweet little button nose and beautifully raised eyebrow, I think she has a very sweet expression.

    1. I better not let Simon know you said that or it might all go to his head!

      Yes I think she is pretty as well in her own way, and she is certainly special.

      Thank you.

  2. So the two young fox cubs have finally appeared..... (as I previously forecasted! )
    Bet that the vixen is pleased that they are now old enough to finally come out of their den/earth and play above ground.

    Particularly love Amelia's sideways on pose in photo 11. The creamy background colour of her dress certainly suits her blonde hair.

    1. They have indeed! I am sure she is quite relieved they can come out of the den now.

      She does seem to suit those creamy colours. You probably remember her studio style dress in a similar colour that seems to suit her as well.

  3. What a lovely story and such a pretty pair of Sashas!!! Love the clothes, too! Gorgeous waistcoat on that gorgeous Simon!!! Lovely post! Karin xxx

  4. Marcia is so pretty in her festive dress. Simon looks fantastic in his holiday attire, he is very handsome!!!! Glad the foxes joined the group :)


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