Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Advent Day Twenty Four - Christmas Eve.

So the final day for the Advent Calendar opening has arrived.  Everyone has had a turn and also shared turns with others.  Only one little girl left who hadn't as yet had her turn and that is Nancy (as named by hubby). 

Weaver & Mary Ellen, do you want to help me open the Advent Calendar today?  Nancy asks the girls.
Yes!  The girls cheer.

The look for the final door - number 24 and find it quite quickly as it is a larger door and the only one not yet open.

There it is, I wonder what is inside to day?  Nancy wonders out loud.

She reaches down to open it...

Look!  I think it is an Angel!  She says as she shows Weaver and Mary Ellen the little package.

She holds the package up.

Weaver & Mary Ellen take a good look.

Yes it is!  They both agree.

I'll put her wings on.  Nancy says.

Now her little halo.

The girls watch as Nancy carefully puts on the halo.

Here is a little bowl for her to hold.  Mary Ellen says as she shows Nancy.

Ooh yes, can you put it in her hand?  Nancy asks Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen gives the little Angel her bowl.

Isn't she sweet?  Weaver says.

Now where shall we put her?  Nancy asks the girls...it seems the boys are too busy gossiping to notice what is going on.  

They have a discussion about where to put the little angel.

She looks good down there doesn't she?  Nancy says.

Finally I think the boys have realised something is going on...

...the wander over to have a look!

They all admire the little scene and take note of various movements amongst the animals.

It is all looking very festive and the animals have plenty to eat over the winter.

The foxes are enjoying a meal in the little trough.

The rabbits and birds are busy feeding and the Angel is making sure that everyone is having whilst telling them all about the Good News.

Father Christmas is feeding his deer.  All is well.

Nancy is a limited edition Pintucks and was my reward from my husband for losing nearly 2 stone and reaching my goal weight.  I don't think he thought I could do it, hence him giving me an incentive - what more incentive did I need?  After Pinny coming to stay with Henry earlier in the year I fell in love with these girls and finally have one who has joined my Sasha & Gregor family, which really does feel complete now.  But hey never say never!

I think she is just so pretty and really love this girl.

A close up of her eyes.

What I love about these girls is that although they are all factory printed eyes, they all vary in colour shades as over time many of their eyes have changed colour.

Wishing all my lovely friends a very Merry Christmas with lots of love and joy and all the very best of a Healthy and Happy New Year!


  1. The angel is a perfect addition to complete your Advent calendar! Nancy is very pretty and her star dress is so festive and looks great :). Merry Christmas to you Lorraine and I hope you and your family have a very Happy New Year :)

    1. Hasn't it been a wonderful Calendar this year? I am loving Nancy - ever since she arrived a while back I have been looking at her and enjoying her.

    2. Also meant to wish you and your family a really lovely time this Christmas as well Ginger.

  2. Nancy is gorgeous! I love the variety of eyes on these dolls too...... erm, definitely won't be able to join the 'no new dolls in 2014' thing now........
    Happy Christmas!

    1. Haha, it would be hard wouldn't it?! ;-) I am going to at least try...feeling that my family is 'complete' well until I saw your James that is! Looks like I have another lad to add to my wish list.

  3. I got that one wrong then as hadn't realised that she was an angel... rather than a female figure.
    So the Avent calendar is now complete for another year. Thanks to you and your 'Sasha kids' for sharing the daily joy.

    Wishing everyone who pops by to view this blog a very happy Christmas and a healthy and Sasha fun filled New Year..

    1. Ah yes, she is a lovely little Angel Kendal, quite a fitting end to the Calendar I think. It has been a lovely calendar to open each day. The Sasha Kids have been having a lot of fun with it.

      Lots of happy wishes for a wonderful Christmas and New Year to you as well.

  4. Nancy is a lovely addition to your family Lorraine and I love the story of how you got her too. Merry Christmas to all x


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