Monday, 30 April 2012

Who has won the Giveaway?

Guess what Mum, we had 27 entries for our Giveaway, isn't that amazing?!

It sure is Henry.  Come on help me write out all the names on a slip of paper and then fold them ready to draw out of a hat.

That's it, all the entries, now we have to fold them.

Oh we are going to use your travel case are we?  Okay, that sounds like a good idea.

That's it, put all the folded up names in the case.

Count them all in Henry

Are they all there?  Right, lets close the case and give it a shake.

Henry!  What are you doing?

I'm giving the suitcase a shake Mum, like you asked.

I didn't mean over the top of your head Henry, you must be careful.

But I am really strong...look...

One handed!

Yes Henry, you are a big strong lad, now put it down so we can get Mr Nearly 21 to pull a name out of the case with you. 

Ooh, do you think he will?  He doesn't usually want to have anything to do with us.

Well if I promise only to photograph his hand he will.

In the hand goes...

Out a name comes...

Give it to Henry

Thank you, can I read the name out please?

Of course you can Henry.

It says Sheila!

Does that mean Sheila has won the prize Mum?

Yes it does Henry. 

Can we draw another name out Mum?

Why's that Henry?

Well it doesn't seem fair that only one person has won something.

Well that's the way things are Henry.

Oh please, Mum, just one more as a kind of consolation prize?  Pllleeeeze

Okay Henry, that does sound like a lovely idea, let's draw another name out.

Who has won the consolation prize Henry?

Henry looks at the name puzzled.

It says Dormouse.  Why would a dormouse enter our giveaway Mum?  

A dormouse hasn't entered our giveaway Henry, that is the name  the person is using.  It is a pseudonym.

What is a sue doe nim  Mum?

Well Henry, it is a name someone uses when they don't want their real name to be used.  But it is okay I know who it is, it is one of our Sasha friends.

Oh that is all right then.

Congratulations to Sheila our first prize winner and Dormouse our consolation prize winner.  Sorry there couldn't be something for everyone, but thank you all for entering our Giveaway...although laughingly I was actually one month early!  It should have been we DID reach 200 posts.  Please keep reading, who knows when we might do another one!  We love to read your comments and hope you continue to enjoy hearing about Henry and his friends exploits.

If you could both contact me by email with your name and postal address please and whether you are wanting something for a boy or a girl and their name if they have one, that would be great.

I hope to get your gifts finished and posted by the end of the week.


  1. Hurray for Sheila and our Dormouse!!! I love them both so much that I can't even be jealous. Thank you Lorraine for your raffle -- Meg

  2. Oh well done Henry and many congrats to Sheila and Dormouse

  3. Oh Lorraine! That was priceless. The best drawing EVER. It made
    even loosing a very good time indeed.

    Your Nearly Twentyone was a proper sport to help out Henry. I don't
    think my Nearly Twentyfive would have been so obliging <3

    Thanks for all the fun, and congratualtions to our happy winners!

  4. Loved everything. A most interesting and enjoyable post. Congratulations to Shelia, the winner and Dormouse, the runner up.
    Henry was his usual fun loving adorable little self.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  5. Brilliant draw Henry, aren't you kind to think that there can't just be one prize winner. We're all winners though just from reading and enjoying your blog. Enjoy your prizes Sheila and Dormouse.

  6. Dear Henry, (and Lorraine)
    Dawn was touching my den with its fingers of of cold grey rain when with my cup of fresh dew, I went to attend your giveaway draw. You did it with style! You did it with grace! You did it with maestria! I was having fun...when reaching the very end...and I had to look several times....well, my oh was my name Henry was holding!
    Congratulations to Sheila and a great big thank you Henry (and Lorraine).
    Will get in touch privately as soon as my fur is brushed,
    The Dormouse

  7. Great post Lorraine! and nice to see no1 son helping out.
    Congrats to the winners I'm sure they will love their prizes.

  8. Yippee ,I won, my grandson Aidan(4 yrs)just was given his first Gregor, so I`m sure his Gregor will be asking these new duds to add to his wardrobe :) Thanks again Henry for picking my name


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