Saturday, 28 April 2012

Henry in New Zealand Train Spotting!

I found a set of photographs from Henry's trip to New Zealand that I forgot to post!

All little boys seem to like trains and certainly my two sons did when they were little.

Henry is no different, he too loves trains and when we went through Helensville, a small township near where my parents live Henry was delighted to see it had a railway statiion.

Can I really stand here Mum?

Of course you can Henry.

I wonder what will happen if I pull this lever?

I don't think anything will happen Henry, this is just an example of what the old engines that used to pull logs looked like.

So this is what it would look like

Look you can see right over the engine.

Do you think I could get Henry off this train?  


  1. The little tinker! Every little boys dream ..being a train driver :)

  2. I always especially look forward to the posts on Henry and just loved this one as he climbed on board to inspected this wonderful old steam train. Reminds me of Ross and the Great Orme tram at Llandudno. Smiled at the last sentence about not being able to get him to come off.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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