Thursday, 26 April 2012

A box arrives

Oh dear, I know when the pain is very bad.... I have just realised it is then that I go on a bit of a spending spree! Oh dear... It must have been such the other week before I had my lidocaine infusion as I have had not one, but two packages arrive for me this week!  The one yesterday was a bit of a surprise as I wasn't expecting it yet and had gone down the road to send some parcels and do some banking.  When I got home there was a box waiting for me on our front porch.

I know I've done a box opening sequence before, but can I find it on my blog to refer back to?  Of course I can't, so I can only surmise that I forgot to actually post the pictures or I accidentally deleted it at some stage.  I will have to repost the photos some time... Anyway onwards and upwards as they say.

There was movement in the box and it split open...

Amber and April hear something and go to investigate.

What's going on in there?  I don't know, says April, but I'm a bit scared.

Oh my goodness!  Will you look at that, a hand is coming out!

Oh and a leg!

For goodness sake, don't just stand there gawping, hold the box open so I can get out please.

That's better, thank you.

Amber and April hold the lid open while looking into the box wondering who is in there.

Much easier to get out of the box without the lid falling back down on me each time

April holds out her hand as she moves to the front of the box, recognising  that it was her doing the same thing the other week.

Thank you, says the newcomer as she reaches out her hand to grab hold of April's.

Oh, are you going to be staying with us?  Mum mentioned something about someone coming on holiday for a little while, but I didn't think it was yet... Amber asks.

April looks on with concern and puts her arm around the girl who looks rather unsteady on her feet.

I think...I hope...well...I think I am supposed to be your new sister...

Oh really?!  Amber and April both move in closer putting their arms around their new sister.
Mum didn't mention we were getting a new sister!  She certainly kept that quiet!

Well I am you know!  The new girl says in a slightly bolder tone, with more confidence than she felt.

She certainly looks rather dishevelled after her long trip from the United States.  Although I think I can detect a slight stubborn streak about her.

Right young lady, says Mum as she comes along and swoops her up.  You need a jolly good bath and hair wash!

Not looking too impressed after the whole ordeal.  Not only has she been tossed around in a box for the last week or so, she has been washed, scrubbed and wrapped up in a towel....  How is she going to cope with the trauma?

Well, with all the confidence she can muster I believe, as she poses for a photo after her hair has dried and a dress has been found for her to wear until her special welcome home dress has been made.

Certainly your hair looks much prettier now and isn't all tangled and sticky.

Welcome to your new home Saffron!

In the meantime Mum is frantically working out what she can sell!  Lots of figures, adding up,subtracting and scheming is going on.

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  1. Oh Lorraine, you've got this darling pale skinned no nose!!!
    I have been watching her too...
    Congratulations; you must be beside yourself and I hope her arrival helps you ignore your pains somewhat. She fits in perfectly with her new sisters and looks to be so happy .I think Saffron is a good name for her.

  2. Oooh she's lovely!! I also had her in my watching list too but had to admire from afar, lovely to know that she is now living with you. Really like the name Saffron for her and I notice she arrived with her early gotz tag - oooh how super! Many congrats, she's really lovely. Cathy x

  3. Congratulations on your new girl!

  4. Welcome Saffron, she looks nice and I like her dress. Funny how Sasha's tend to arrive like buses several at once!!!
    But thats they way it sometimes happens with Sasha's you see one you must have and then another appears, well what are you supposed to do? buy her of course..Lol

  5. Congrats! And welcome Saffron! Such a cutie pie! And I love the dress she is wearing too. She cleaned up so nicely. :o)

  6. lorraine.....i actually gasped out loud when i saw who came out of the box as i had schemed on how i could have her as soon as i saw her but soon realised it wasnt to be !.....i am now very very green !.....sarah x

  7. Oh boy! WAS that a box well worth opening. Lucky, lucky you! Bet that you're feeling 'over the moon' with that wonderful purchase. No wonder you're scheming and working flat out on your monetary we all seem to have to do when a new member arrives to join the clan.
    What a difference a bath and hair wash has made. She looks much steadier on her feet now after all the travelling tucked up that dark and enclosed box and delightfully spruced up and ready to have some fun in her 'borrowed for the moment' new dress, which so suits her that I think she should claim it as hers.
    Love the name Saffron.
    Sasha love and I hope that she soon settles in and thoroughly enjoys life with you all over there. From Kendal.

  8. Dear Lorraine, I am Mary Kearns and we have just met on eBay. I adore your early Gotz girl. Such a quizzical expression on her face.
    I like the name too.It really suits her. Sisters seem very pleased to have a new member of the family.
    Love Mary x


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