Friday, 27 April 2012

Henry at the Dentist.

Yesterday was quilting day and as I STILL cannot find my black wadding to complete my New Zealand quilt I did some cutting out to make some more of  'Henry's Fashions for Gregor' .  I left just after lunch so that Henry  had time to pop in to see his friends Gomez and Paddy.  They were going to take the dog for a walk.  While they were out I enjoyed a cup of tea and a natter with my friend Gill.

Fortunately they were able to do so between the torrential April showers that seemed to be prevalent during the course of the day.  Returning from their walk they seemed remarkably clean for three boys and a dog.

Of course what I'd forgotten to tell Henry was that we went there earlier than usual as we had to go to the dentist in the afternoon!

Henry doesn't look too impressed to be sitting in the dentists chair and was slightly apprehensive...Fortunately he is very good at cleaning his teeth regularly and limits his sweet intake.  What a good boy!  No fillings for you Henry.


  1. Nothing quite like an afternoon visiting Sasha Friends and their dolls for both you and my special friend, Henry. Not sure that I can say that for the dental visit though but I agree that it's best not to know about this until the last minute. Saves all that worry and upset. I'm thinking that I ought to take a leaf out of Henry's book and cut down on my high level sugar diet.
    Sasha love and pleased that you didn't have to strip his clothing off to put in the washer when you got home. From Kendal.

  2. Ah! The Dentist! Which reminds me I ought to go for a check up...problem is I have spent too much on the doll budget!!

  3. That is my problem...I need to get a special bite guard to wear at night...on NHS and it STILL costs £209!!!! That is doll money for goodness sake.

  4. The boys look like they had fun walking the dog!

    Dentist's dont remind me ,my one keeps leaving messages that it's time for my check up!
    NOw if I could just find the phone...Lol

  5. What a brave boy! I have always feared my dentist visits, as I cannot be numbed to the pain. So every time I have ever gone, it has been very painful. Even as an adult, the fear is still there because I know what to expect!
    The three boys look so cute together. I'm glad they didn't play in the mud on their walk! LOL!

  6. What a fine Trio! I notice that they have the dog on the lead! They seem like 3 very responsible little boys. And Henry is setting a good example to us all!


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