Wednesday 18 April 2012

Giveaway to celebrate 1st Anniversary & 200th Post. Plus a trip to London.

A year ago on the 15th April I started this Sewing for Sasha blog.  I have actually been blogging since 2007, but this blog is celebrating its first birthday, and its 200th post!  Goodness have I really nattered on 200 times since starting a year ago?

To celebrate this I am having a New Zealand Giveaway

Hosted by Henry of course!

The giveaway is going to include:

A Kiwi Souvenir/Gift
A NZ Wool knitted item for Sasha or Gregor
A Kiwiana Handmade item for Sasha or Gregor
A gift for 'Mum'
and a little extra surprise gift.

To enter this giveaway you need to leave a comment on this post letting me know you would like to enter and if you are to win, whether you would like something for Sasha or Gregor.
If you can't leave a comment for some reason, then email your comment for me to add to the comments section.

Henry has been a kind soul today accompanying me to the UCL Neurology & Neurosurgery Hospital in Queen Square, London for my Lidocaine Infusion at the Pain Management Department.

Today we had to take 'Mum' to hospital for a treatment where they put this huge needle in her hand and attach her to all sorts of heart and blood pressure monitors...the needle part was a bit scary and I had to hide my eyes but Mum took it all in her stride having had it done before.

'Dad' made the comment about he was surprised Mum wasn't committed when the doctor and nurses saw that she had brought me along to accompany her, he added, surely he was enough...not sure quite what he meant by that.  Surely he couldn't have been insinuating that it was strange for me to be coming with them.  After all I am quite a caring lad most of the time.

We couldn't stop on the way there as it was very crowded in the morning but after the treatment we stopped and took a few photos, much to Dad's horror!  Again I'm not sure what the problem he had was...

The first stop was The Horse Hospital.  I couldn't see any horses inside.  Worrying about Dallas and hoping he won't have to come up here as it is a long way on the train and tube and they are noisy, Mum reassured me that it wasn't used for that purpose anymore...BUT they still have the sign, so I'm not convinced, and I'm not sure it looks a really nice place, there is no grass anywhere!

This is the station near the hospital.

Waiting for the train...I wonder if I can see it coming...

Being careful not to step over the yellow line.

Oops...just got told off for standing on the seats...not fair I wanted to see out the window!

I guess it is safer sitting down though.  Nearly home.

Once home I rushed to see if Dallas was okay.

I told him all about it

Reassuring him that he doesn't need to go up to the Horse Hospital.

I think both he and I are quite relieved about that.

So if you want to enter my giveaway, don't forget!

It will be held open until the end of April.  If you want to tell other Sasha friends about it, please do, and if you want you can 'grab' my picture from the side bar, or below.


  1. Hi Henry, This was an impressive day for you. I think you are very kind to accompany your "mum", whatever "dad" says about it. She will benefit from all the loving care you both give...
    Of course you had to have your picture taken at the Horse hospital, though it looked very sad with the window chained too! No place for Dallas we all hope.
    I have to tell you I admire your shoes in two colours, they look as if you can walk on them for hours!
    We want in on the giveaway too, for boys of course.
    See you, Brendan and Fanny

  2. Hi Lorraine

    I visited your blog but was not successful in leaving a message. I'd love to be included in your New Zealand giveaway as you know that NZ is very special to me and my Sashas and Gregors. My Gregors tend to be neglected, so they would love a gift if they win. They are also looking forward to their new outfits made from NZ fabrics.

    It was fun to see you picture on your blog today. During the past 30 years in the world of Sasha Dolls, I have communicated with thousands of collectors who remain fairly anonymous to me, so I am thrilled to put a face to a name.

    My best to Henry too from all the Gregors in Keuka Park, USA.


  3. Sweet Henry, seeing you with you horse after you got home brought tears to my eyes. I can see you love him very much.

    I am so glad you were able to go with your Mum to give her moral support. I know it had to have beeen a big help to her.

    I would like to enter your giveaway also. My Sashas always need things and your Mum's things are so special!

    Karen in NC

  4. Hi Henry and Lorraine,
    Enjoyed the pictures so much. Henry, your raincoat with the hood is so awesome, comfy & cozy for wet days. Dallas is just such a faithful, patient horse, waiting for you! So nice you could be with 'mum' at the doctor's since these kind of procedures are stressful. So kind of you to offer comfort & love.
    Yes, I'd like to be included in the New Zealand giveaways-maybe an item for my Sasha boy, Guy. Lorraine, so nice to see your face. Hope all turns out well. Bless you, Diana Merle

  5. Hi Lorraine
    What a lovely idea to do a giveaway. I'd love to be included please and if lucky enough to win would like the boys prize please.

    Caleb is looking forward to receiving the new outfit I'm getting from you, but we have a new guy just arrived, so boy clothes are top priority now. I'll be introducing him on my blog this evening.

    I hope your day in London went well, and I'm sure Henry was good company. It's lovely to see your photo too.

    Hi Henry
    You're a great young fella for looking after your Mum so well, and I'm glad Dallas was OK whilst you were gone.

    Mikki xxx

  6. Message from Jackie.

    I would like to enter your April drawing please. Jackie Hyatt

  7. Hi - I would love to enter your contest and would be pleased with either a boy or girl prize.
    There is a Sasha Mart tradition of bringing a Sasha along to the hospital. Our founder Judy S. did it and Pat G. made Sasha sized scrubs so that Sasha can dress as a healer.
    Good luck with your treatments and keep up the great blog -- Meg

  8. Dear Lorraine and Henry,

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Thanks for celebrating with us. I'd love to enter your giveaway (something for Sasha, please) Thank you!

    Henry, hospitals can seem scary at first, but your Mum is getting good care there. It's good that you went with her. Your being there brought her a lot of peace and helped her to relax. (Remind your Dad of this :) )


  9. From Vicki

    what a wonderful blog I would love to join the contest with no preference as to Sasha or Gregor items.

    Thanks again, so much....

  10. Henry,
    It sound like you had a very exciting and busy day. Hope your mum is feeling better and I can totally understand why she brought you with her. I think your pictures look fantastic, and I'm glad Dallas doesn't have to visit the horse hospital.

  11. Nice blog! I would love to enter your give away. My Gregors would be thrilled to win something.
    Caryn in NY

  12. I so love Henry's adventures. Your blog really brightens my day. I hope you're feeling better soon.
    I'd like to enter the contest and I'd prefer something for one of my boys. Having had 3 sons of my own, I find that I'm drawn more to my boy dolls, too. Shhhh! Don't tell my girls, please.
    "Lizzy" from the Sasha_Mart and Sasha_L groups.

  13. From Sonya.

    HI Lorraine
    I went to your blog to enter Henry’s giveaway but unfortunately couldn’t figure out how to do it . Could you please add me to the list. I loved the Maori shirts you made and Henry modeled. If I was the lucky winner I’d love to have Gregor be the prize winner, my boys seem to miss out on the fashion end and the Sasha’s get spoilt!
    Take care
    Sonya Watton (Australia)

  14. Hi Henry and Lorraine,
    Nicholas James (my Gregor) would love to enter your NZ giveaway competition - he thinks your intrepid adventures to NZ sound so exciting, and is very relieved that the grim looking horse hospital doesn't have horses in it any more.
    Hope the medical treatment helped.
    Best wishes

  15. Ironically, I've opened this while waiting for my pre-op this morning...please tell Dallas I drove by many open pastures this morning and he must not worry about that big hospital ...he can run away here to Texas. I would love to enter your giveaway. Congratulations on your blog...undoubtedly the best pictures and stories for our Sasha community. Brenda in "Dallas\Fort Worth"

  16. Hi Henry ,greetings from upstate NY, your adventures sound wonderful,I would love to travel someday to your wonderful county NZ !! but alast will have to settle with the UK this yr,and the Sasha festival :) I would truely like to be entered into your anniversay giveway ,too.I could wear the goodies at the festival !! yours truely, Gregor Foery (Sheila Foery)

  17. From Elizabeth.

    Hi Lorraine: I checked out your blog but I don't know how to respond. I would like to be in the drawing. A Sasha collector, mother of 4 boys youngest almost 20 (3 more weeks) and the oldest 26 yo. I have many Sashas and not as many Gregors so would like to win an outfit for Gregor. Nice blog. EH

  18. Hi Lorraine I would love to be entered in Henry's giveaway.

    I could not find a place to put my comment, maybe I need to join your circle to add that as it may,

    My name is Martha Clausen and I have had several Sashas over the years.

  19. Hi Lorraine,
    I've enjoyed Henry's adventures. He looked like a perfect companion for you during your medical procedure.

    Would love to enter your NZ Givaway. My Gregors are in need of new duds...the girls always seem to get first place.

    Warmest regards,
    Winnie in California

  20. Great blog, thought you were very brave letting Henry stand on the platform! He had a good adventure in London.

    Zac would like his to be entered into the draw,thank you.

  21. Hi...couldn't find an "input window" for here goes: I'm sure Henry did GREAT service accompanying you to the hospital for treatment. I know others who have NO human family members with them for serious hospitalization, and the staff are always pleased by the therapeutic benefit of such charmers as yourself. I'm glad you had so much fun in NZ; what a great place it is!! And those fantastic hiking boots in two colors...I just can't stop looking at them!! Please enter me in your contest, and I LOVE knit items, esp. cardigans in real wool!! (You must have gotten some nice wool in NZ!!)


  22. Thank you for the chance of entering this contest.......I hope your treatment helps........was worried Henry was too close to the trains.....glad you were watching......

    My Gregor or Sasha would love something......

    Dianne Barber......I have 5 dolls now , so pleased with them.....

  23. Hello Henry,

    You are indeed a caring little fellow aren't you? Your Mum has every right to feel proud of you.

    Glad to see that you travelled to the hospital by train. We love travelling by train. The XPT from Sydney to Melbourne stops in our town and I often go down to see my sister and my daughter in Melbourne. They serve yummy Devonshire Teas, scones with jam and cream which we can eat as the countryside rolls by outside the train window.

    My little Sasha family send you their love and said how much they would like to win your great prize. Caleb said to tell you that he has never won anything in his life so this time he is really hoping that he will. :)

    Greetings little man and your lovely mum from Moss Vale, Down Under.

    Seven Little Australians

  24. Hi Lorraine,

    I love hearing about Henry's adventures! I have slightly more boys than girls because I love to collect boy dolls. So, if I'm the lucky winner of your contest we could use some boy clothes. Of course I still enjoy the girls, too, so that would also be fine.

    It's great that you have been blogging for a year and posted 200+ times! I will check in more often.

    Diane Root

  25. How thoughtful to offer a give away. My fingers are crossed...something for a girl please.

  26. Dear Henry
    What a lovely, generous and courageous Mum you have! You are so lucky to be the star of such a beautiful blog but you are yourself a great little chap.
    Please tell your Mum, we are sending our best wishes for her to be out and about very soon.
    Big hugs,
    The Dormouse

  27. Dear Henry
    I am really looking forward to you coming to stay with your Mum - I would make sure you bring Dallas I'm sure he'd like to meet the Dartmoor ponies at the miniature pony sanctuary!
    Max, Joe, Rory and Edmund say they can't wait for you to come and play and are plotting on how they can keep you all to themselves without the girls in their pretty frocks butting in.


  28. Lorraine,
    Wow- I almost missed this opportunity to thank you and Henry for sharing your NZ adventure. Know it had to be the "bestest" of fun.

    And thanks for letting us know about the wonderful boots Henry wore. I was lucky enough to get one of the remaining pair!

    Gregor would love to have his name entered into the "give away". About 30 years ago we lived in Australia for 18 months. We had hoped to make it to NZ but ran out of both time and money- (we had 3 small boys with us!!).

    We hope this finds you doing well - our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Sasha hugs, Betty

  29. Hi Henry .You did a good job today. I know Queen's Square very well as I too was a patient in the hopital. It is a place of excellence.
    I would like to enter my Sasha girl called Constance for the give away. Thank you Henry for being so helpful today with your Mum. KIndest regards Mary Kearns

  30. i love the way he stayed and looked after his mum at the hospital,and he wass such a good boy on the train ride by sitting down,i can see he is a proper lovable boy,if i do happen to win,my elle (sasha doll) would like the prize as she is calling for me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeasse so once again poor greg dont get a look in all the best from us in norwich uk,


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