Monday, 2 April 2012

It rained and rained and rained!

Rain, rain and more rain, we certainly saw a lot of it while in New Zealand.  Up North they had a months worth of rain in one day!  It still kept raining...

Henry was pleased I had made him a rain coat after all, although he wasn't that impressed with the rain as he had no gumboots/wellington boots to wear to splash around in the puddles.

Will it EVER stop raining?

I'm getting fed up with the rain...


  1. Adorable as always Serenata!

    We had lots of rain over the weekend too, and we needed it badly. So very thankful for it.
    Have a great week! :o)

  2. Hi Lorraine
    love the pictures of henry in the rain.
    So funny , my husband looked over my shoulder at your pictures and stated " Dont she know there a hose pipe ban!" Lol I explained you had taken pics in NZ, then he said you should have bought some of the rain back with you!! Men!

  3. Was out all day yesterday helping one of my many nieces get her Summer clothes so have a lot of Sasha catching up and commenting to do over the next couple of days.
    Just adore these latest photos of Henry out in the rain eyeing up the puddles. All so tempting but dare he go and splash about in them without any 'Wellies' AND in his new raincoat which he hasn't so far been able to try out it's 'waterproof-ability' with there not having been any rain in the UK of late.
    Sasha love and great to read more of Henry's adventures in New Zealand. From Kendal.


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