Monday, 16 April 2012

1995 Gotz Maria For Sale

Like many others recently I have seen another doll that I would really like to be able to purchase...not a Sasha but a Gregor...yes I am rather struck on the lads!  So reluctantly I am choosing some of my Sasha dolls to sell.  Listed on my Dolls for Sale page.

One of these is 1995 Gotz Maria.  She is a very pretty girl with a lovely blonde pony tail and gorgeous eyes with the iris outlined and eyelashes.  She is in excellent displayed condition and comes complete with her tube which is in good condition and her tags attached as well as her wrist tag.  She is wearing her full original outfit which in excellent condition with the exception of the hair tie.  I can probably find a blue one that will match the outfit better

I am hoping to get £290 for her which is slightly less than what I paid for her.

1 comment:

  1. Love her eyes and such a nice face,

    If I win more than £10 on the lottery I'll be back!!


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