Friday, 20 April 2012

The babies...

The other day I said to Kendal that I would take some photos of my Sasha babies, which are usually neglected the poor things..  

Today they were playing 'Mr Popper's Penguins' on the trampoline of all places so I thought I would take some photos of them.

Sexed Brunette Baby Girl

Sexed Brunette Baby girl with paler eyes.

Sexed Blonde Baby you think his eyes have been enhanced?

Sexed baby blonde boy

I do wonder if the babies are wasted on they really do get neglected and I keep thinking about rehoming some as I also have a baby Sandy and a Black baby boy and girl.


  1. They are really cute! I go through phases when I really love the baby dolls, but I always come back to the slightly older ones. :o)

  2. They're lovely. My first Sasha is a baby. Are there any blond boy babies with blue eyes, so far I've only seen them with brown (or oxidised) eyes?

  3. Now that's interesting. I was convinced my blonde baby (I bought him for Yasmin when she was 5 in 1974)has blue eyes. Just went to check - they are brown, too! The pictures of the babies are just lovely though. I think they always look really sweet in a group crawling around. Very characteristic baby bottoms!!!

  4. A delightful group of your babies out enjoying and having fun in the fresh air and sunshine (although I'm not aware of the game with the Penguin but it looks as though they are enjoying him.)
    Your first little girl with the slightly shorter hair reminds me of one of my previous little tots that Francine must have adopted when she was down at Shelly's looking for a new home as the following year I noticed that she was at one of the Sasha festivals really enjoying herself. I sadly often miss her as she was one of the lucky brunettes that didn't suffer from falling hair.
    In the very beginning of my Sasha collecting I only had one or two of the babies as they didn't really appeal to me as the older bigger Sasha kids did but they soon started to multiply when I realised
    how much easier they were to pose and that some of my more interesting photographs were of the babies playing with an accessory or two.
    When you look more closely at them you can see the differences between them just as you can with the 42cm dolls. The shape of their faces, the quality and quantity of their hair and the different shades of their brown eyes...though I think that it's a shame that there weren't more blue eyed tots than Ginger, the very last baby produced.
    Yes, I agree with you that one of your baby boys has had his eyes re-painted and unfortunately not so nicely done but hopefully that will make you love him even more.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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