Friday, 6 April 2012

Pretty in Pink & Beautiful in Blue

Yesterday at quilting group I made four little dresses for Sasha.

The first is modelled by Bethany my pretty pale blonde hair Gotz girl.

The next is modelled by the lovely hand painted by Shelly brunette that Margaret sent me last year

Here are the two girls pretty in pink.

Next up is my lovely early 70s blonde in blue

This time with a slightly shorter version of the skirt.

Emily is modelling the other blue dress...

Beautiful in Blue

All these dresses will be available to purchase if anyone is interested.

Coming next...some clothing for the boys.


  1. They're all so fresh and spring like, the girls look lovely in them

  2. I agree with Mikki!
    I like your posts so much I actually bid on a Sasha. I was outbid pretty quickly. :)

  3. The girls look lovely in their Easter dresses. Super bunch of models :)

  4. I dont know where you find the time to make all these lovely dresses.
    Beautiful bright colours to help us believe that spring may actually return soon.


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