Thursday, 5 April 2012

KAL - Knit A Long

Although Sasha are by far my most favourite doll, I have  a few others that I also enjoy making clothes for.  I belong to several groups on Ravelry and enjoy knitting various outfits.  One of the best things on Ravelry is the KALs (Knit a longs) that the have and I love joining in on these.  The most recent one was to make this Shawl Cardi to fit American Girl 18" Dolls.  I used one of my New Zealand balls of wool I bought over there while on holiday.   This wool is 'Naturally Aran Tweed' and is 95% NZ Merino 5% Wool Knops.  It knits up beautifully.  I'm really please I have a couple of these American Girl Dolls now.  I wasn't really sure what I thought of them and bought the two I have off Ebay in order to make some clothes for  a charity (of which I have nearly finished a little collection to post off) and they have grown on me a bit.  They will never quite manage to get close to Sasha, but they are part of the family of dolls that reside here.

I now need to make her a suitable outfit to match the little cardigan.  I was thinking of a skirt and a t shirt.

Thursday's are the day I go to my quilting group, I was going to work on finishing my NZ quilt today, but of course left everything until this morning to get together and couldn't find the black wadding/batting so took fabric to make some more dresses.  Will be taking photos of them tomorrow in the daylight and will probably list some for sale as well so please don't forget to check out my Clothes for Sale and Dolls for Sale pages.  I am open to offers as well, so if you are interested in anything, please do ask.

Like many other people I have succumbed to the allure of a Sasha on Shelly's site and am frantically trying to raise funds to purchase her!  It is times like this that I wish I was able to still play and teach music, so much harder to 'feed a habit' when you don't have an income LOL  Or is it an obsession?


  1. Lovely! Your Kirsten looks so sweet in her new sweater.

    How fun to have groups to do things with like this.

  2. It is definitely an OBSESSION :)

  3. It's a lovely cardi and really suits her. It's so hard to just look and then behave oneself on Shelly's site, isn't it :-)


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