Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blue today

Henry has been taking it easy today after the battles with the dragon yesterday so one of my pretty red head girls has stepped in to do some modelling.

She is wearing a lovely outfit purchased from Ebay teamed with JJ Blue Shoes which match perfectly.

Henry is coming with us to visit friends who live in a village near Cambridge tomorrow, so he is hoping the weather will be dry enough for him to do a little adventuring.

Here's hoping!  The forecast isn't the best, still he has a raincoat!


Since photographing my Sasha babies the other day I have decided to sell three of them, they really are getting sadly neglected and would like new homes where they are loved that little bit more.  I also really don't 'need' two blonde boys and two brunette girls, even if they are different.  I am also going to sell my baby Sandy.  Will sort out prices and pictures in the next couple of days, hopefully sometime on Thursday or Friday.  I think my Sweater girl has also been making rumblings about moving on...

I am hoping to build up a doll fund, for when that special 'must have' is available! 

So if anyone is interested either email me, or keep checking back on my Dolls for Sale page.

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  1. I adore redheads in blue! I hope the weather will be nice for your trip to visit friends.


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