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Clothing For Sale: Henry's Fashions for Gregor

Henry's Fashions for Gregor, with a New Zealand flavour. 

All fabrics are 100% cotton.

All items can be bought as a set, or as separates.
My models and their shoes and socks are not included.

If you would like to purchase any of these items please email me at

I would prefer payment by cheque in the UK, or paypal anywhere else.
Postage for the UK is £1.00 or £1.70 signed for.  For overseas, please contact me for postage costs.


1.  Short Dungarees with fake pocket detail on the leg and working pocket on the bib, does up with press studs and decorative buttons.  The pattern on the fabric is a Maori design 'Ponga Koru'

The shirt features the Tuatara and does up with press studs and decorative buttons.

Dungarees & Shirt £15.00
Dungarees  £8.00 Sold
Shirt £7.50 Sale Pending


2.  Here we have a shirt with small buttons and button holes in Tuatara fabric.  The Tuatara is often called New Zealand's living dinosaur and is a member of the reptile family, order Sphenodontia.  The two species of tuatara are the only surviving members of its order, which flourished around 200 million years ago!

The shirt is teamed with a pair of cargo shorts, in Ponga Koru fabric.

Back view of the shirt.

Side view of the shorts

Front view

Complete outfit of shorts and shirt. Sold

Cargo Shorts & Shirt £13.00
Cargo Shorts  £6.00
Shirt  £7.50


3.  Next up is an outfit featuring the iconic New Zealand toy 'Buzzy Bee'.  It is New Zealand's most famous children's toy and is often handed down from generation to generation.  Brightly coloured, the wings move when pulled along and it makes a click clacking sound.

Both the shorts and top can be featured together, or separately 

Together they look a bit like pyjama's but as separates, the shirt would go nicely with a plain pair of trousers/pants, and the shorts would be ideal 'board or swimming' shorts.

Shorts & Short  £12.00  (Sold)
Shorts  £5.00
Shirt  £7.50


4.  Throughout New Zealand you can see the Pukeko, or purple swamphen which is found in damp pastures, lake edges, ponds, lowland swamps and even beside motorways!  Its colouring is vivid blues and black plumage with a bright red beak and legs.  Featured here on this fabric it makes a delightful fun shirt.

Tiny buttons and button holes.

Shirt £7.50 (Sale pending)

5.  Aotearoa 'Land of the Long White Cloud', is the name of the fabric the next shirt and shorts are made from.  Featuring many examples of New Zealand wildlife, vegetation and Maori designs.

The shirt has tiny buttons and button holes.

Again these items can be worn together or separately, mix and match style.

Shorts & Short  £12.00 (Sold)
Shorts  £5.00
Shirt  £7.50


6.  Another shirt featuring the Pukeko, this time with little red buttons, and teamed with a pair of baggy shorts

Working pocket on the back of the shorts.

Shorts & Short  £12.00
Shorts  £5.00 Sale pending
Shirt  £7.50 Sale pending


7. A simple yet stunning design featuring the Kiwi, Silver Fern and Puhutukawa flower has been used to make this shirt and shorts set.

Back view.

Shorts & Short  £12.00 (Sold)
Shorts  £5.00
Shirt  £7.50


8. Finally a pair of short dungarees, fastened with press studs and decorative buttons.

Dungarees  £8.00

More clothes and designs will be coming soon...

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