Sunday, 1 April 2012

Holiday Knitting

While in New Zealand I had quite a lot of opportunities for knitting and was rather glad I had taken a load of patterns to try and some wool with me, although of course I did purchase some lovely New Zealand wools while out there.  As it was the worst summer they have had for a long time it rained rather a lot so there were some days there wasn't much else to do but knit and read, oh such a hardship!  I also knitted in the evenings while Mum, Dad & I watched television, not something I usually do not having a TV, so needed something to do to keep my hands busy.  I made several little cardigans and jumpers/sweaters, of which I have taken photos of three so far.

First up is a lovely pattern by the talented Deb of Debonair Designs and her patterns can be found on Ravelry.  This one is called Archipelago and is modelled by American Girl Kirsten.

I made her matching denim skirt from a cut off of my DS2's jeans.

I love this combination and think it looks great on her.

Next up is a lovely cabled cardigan being modelled by Ellery, a gorgeous repainted  blonde Trendon from the late 70s early 80s.  She was repainted by Shelly and was a rather naughty self bought birthday gift for me.

I think Shelly has really worked her magic with this Sasha.

Next up is another lovely design by Debonair Designs called Sakura and it is modelled by my Catz 'n' Kidz doll Camille

I now need to make her some more clothes as she only has the trousers she came wearing.


  1. The girls all look super in their new jumpers. That colour on Ellery really brings out the colour of her eyes...beautiful.

  2. Wow! I love these! So pretty! I love pinks & blues and you have some of my favorite dollies as well. What a treat for the eyes to see your lovely girls wearing such finery.

    Do you also knit for smaller dolls? I wish I knew someone who could sit down and teach me how. I have watched several tutorials, but it escapes me.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely works of art!

    And please come visit me on my new dolly blog:

    I'd love it if you would become a follower.

    Thanks and have a great Sunday!


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