Saturday, 31 March 2012

Henry in the Garden

My Mum & Dad live on eight used to be a 25 acre block of land, but they sold 17 of it to my sister a few years ago.  When young we had horses and it was great for keeping those and lots of country rides to go on.  Over the years my Dad has gradually established a wonderful garden in the land surrounding the house and all the trees and shrubs are well established.  Between the house and the paddock is a 'grove' which is where Henry was walking the other day...(two blog posts ago)  It is wonderful to see how this has really thickened and become an oasis for wildlife and birds.  

Dad also has a small orchard where the ducks live and they provide lovely big fresh eggs on a regular basis...nothing quite like duck eggs.  They first got ducks just over 20 years ago when my eldest son was a baby as he was allergic to hens eggs, but not duck eggs, so these made a good alternative for cooking with.
There are many fruit trees in the rest of the garden as well and Henry and I enjoyed daily oranges, some grapefruit for breakfast (although only the last few of the season), apples, pears and the first fejoias.   

A wonderful Chestnut tree was dropping its fruit and in the mornings sometimes you could see the prickly cases popping open.  

Henry discovered these prickly cases while out playing in the garden.

Oh look I've found a prickly thing...I wonder what it is?

He bends down to pick it up, ever so carefully.

Look Mum!  

Henry, Pop has some already out of these shells ready to roast...if you ask nicely he might let you try one.

What's the next thing that all boys must do when trees are in sight?

Climb them of course!


  1. Your Mum & Dad's place looks wonderful, and of course it's a perfect adventure playground for small boys. I can see Henry was having a great time

  2. Henry looks as if he is having the time of his life out I'm sure his mummy is too, spending such quality time with her parents.
    As far as I can remember I've never eaten a duck egg but was watching a programme on the TV not so long ago that was rating them very highly over the more popular and easier to obtain hen's eggs. Must add it to my to-do list.
    I do love though Chestnuts roasted in hot ashes if possible especially on a cold Winter's evening.
    Your parent's home set in all those country acres looks wonderful to go out and about exploring in.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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