Monday, 26 March 2012

Long Bay Regional Park & Coastal Walk as seen by Henry

New Zealand has some absolutely amazing scenery and some really lovely regional parks.  Many of these are protected conservation areas now and one of the ones we visited was the Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve which protects a stretch of coastline on the east coast just north of Auckland city.  I went to school at Long Bay College (a secondary school) for three years and we also spent many days at Long Bay Regional Park in my childhood and early teens.  It is a lovely beach and very popular for picnics, swimming and playing on the beach or just simply walking.


Dad and I, along with Henry did the coastal walk, which was formally established in November 1995.  The reserve includes a variety of coastal habitats - sandy beaches, rocky reefs, estuarine mudflats and mangroves. The walk we did took us up and around the coast line and on to a couple of lovely beaches as well.  It was a glorious day and we had a lovely picnic on the beach.  

Henry was delighted when we arrived onto the beach to find trees to climb.

Such a good little walker with his back pack from Ronny, shorts & t shirt from Judith and Kendal teamed with socks  from Gill and boots I had fortunately bought from Jean Jensen.  Henry was sent a lovely pair of boots from Susan but unfortunately they didn't arrive in time, but I am sure Henry will still get a lot of use out of them and he is very pleased with them.  (I think he will be showing them off soon.)

Henry deep in thought as he surveys the beach and horizon.

He couldn't wait to get his swimming trunks on.

Henry, where is your sun hat?


That's better, while playing on the rocks you really need it on.

Look Mum

What's that you've got Henry?

Oh it's seaweed.  I remember 'popping' that when I was a careful though as water spurts out when you pop the little bubbles.

Henry enjoyed playing ball (which Dee kindly gave him).  He found two young men to have a game with... 

I can hardly keep up with you Henry, what are you doing now?

Look, I've made a sandcastle

I'm going to make another one, this is such good fun.

Hey Mum, can I go for a swim now?  

Watch me Pop! 

Wrapped up in his lovely towel sent to him by Julie... Henry just sits and enjoys the view.

A very tired Henry walking back along the board walk...I think he will sleep well tonight!


  1. Couldn't wait to get on your website this morning to see if there was another Henry visits New Zealand instalment and I wasn't disappointed.
    Fantastic views and scenery and wonderful shots of Henry's first adventures. He really looks the part of a walker/hiker and obviously has all the correct gear for undertaking all these great fun activities. Pleased to see that he is wearing the correct footwear to support his ankles and feet and his sun-hat to protect him from the
    glorious sunshine there.
    Looking forward to MORE tomorrow. Sasha love and special thanks to you for such wonderful 'Henry' posts. He's such an adorable little fellow.

  2. Welcome Home! Looks like you all had a great adventure together. Glad Henry had so much fun. His bag was packed with everything he needed. :o)

  3. Wow! He certainly looks as if he had a fantastic time! And thanks for bringing such nice weather home with him :)


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