Friday, 30 March 2012

Spring Sewing Started

I am trying to get back into the swing of sewing, but finding my motivation wandering a bit at the moment...I will blame the jet lag for now...

I have managed one little dress this week.

Simple traditional style that suits the Sasha dolls so well.

Modelled here by my pretty early 70s Trendon Sasha with the wayward fringe.

After seeing her dressed, two of the other girls thought they would put on a spring dress as well.  They have made a start.


  1. Loveing all these girls in their spring outfits but i'ts going to get colder next week better look out their cardies!

  2. The girls look super in their outfits! The new dress you have just made is so sweet!

  3. Very pretty new dress - I like sprigs of roses

  4. It's very pretty - gorgeous fabric. They all look so fresh and spring like


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