Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Henry helping out his Nan & Pop

One Saturday I was supposed to be meeting with a friend, but unfortunately we had to postpone for another day, so we mooched around the garden instead...Henry 'helping' his Nan and Pop in a way only small boys can do! ;-)

Henry!  What do you think you are doing up that ladder?

I'm going to help Pop clear the gutters on the roof of the utility rooms.

Whoa there young man, you need to be careful up here...

Look at me, I'm the King of the Castle

Little & Large

Come on down now young man, I think you are more of a hindrance than a help.

That's it, carefully does it.

Now where has the little rascal gone?

Found you Henry, what are you doing there with Nan?

I'm helping her sand this cabinet of course!

Looks like you are doing a good job Henry, I'm sure Jane will be thrilled with it when you and Nan have finished it.


  1. What a little dare-devil Henry has become! All so dangerous, my heart was in my mouth whilst he was climbing up the step ladder and standing on the roof. Only now that I see that he is safely down on the ground again and helping his Nan can I breath a sigh of relief and return to breathing normally again.
    Judging from today's post I hope that you had him insured for accidents and illness whilst you
    were out there?
    Favourite although a little too scary for my heart these days was the 'Little and Large' photo.
    Sasha love and thanks from Kendal.

  2. so much fun Lorraine, thank you for the wonderful reports!
    Fannyesuctger nientra

  3. What a fun, fun blog and a precious perfect Henry!

  4. Great pictures of Henry! Love that you parents let him 'Help' and I do like his outfit, very smart

  5. Brilliant - Henry didn't just do the 'usual' things while on holiday, he got stuck right in with daredevil activities! Maybe he should have travelled with some workshop overalls too ;-)


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