Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Henry discovers the Cicadas.

One of the first things that you notice when arriving at my parents is the noise of the cicadas.  They are very loud late February time.

Henry was quite taken with them and would spend hours watching them...patiently creeping up to them.

Look at this he cried in amazement.

I can get so close to this one...

I think the reason for that Henry, is this one looks like it may have died...It hasn't moved for days.

This is the cicada shell they hatch out of.  The grubs climb the trees and then hatch out into the winged insects that chirrup all day long.

It is actually surprising how many varieties there are, although only the one is photographed in these photos.


  1. This holiday is certainly proving to be an educational one for Henry as here he seems to be getting a real bird's (Henry's) eye view of these colourful and somewhat noisy Cicadas insects...though rather him than me although I know that they are not harmful as such.
    Did you and Henry eventually get used to their noise? Are they quieter at night? Is it only the males who make the noise for attracting the females?
    Super photography of the tree trunks. I always love the way bark photos.
    Sasha love, thanks and look forward to Henry's answers to my questions.
    From Kendal.

  2. Dear Aunty Kendal,

    It took a while but we did get used to the noise. I didn't hear them at night, but Mum reckons they started up very early in the morning, but it may have been the crickets. The green cicadas in the photos are Chorus Cicada: Amphipsalta zelandica...they certainly did make a big chorus of song. I think it is just the males that make the song. There is a good website of information of them here:

    Love Henry

  3. Hi Henry, loved learning about your adventures and the wildlife seems quite exotic! You seem to have had a great time! Stunning pictures!


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