Saturday, 24 March 2012

Henry is Home!

We're home!  After what seemed like a very very very long time on the aeroplane we arrived home yesterday afternoon absolutely shattered.  Will be updating with adventures of our holiday soon.


  1. Well Henry certainly doesn't look any worse for wear after his long journey! Are you both glad to be home?

  2. 'Welcome home welcome,
    Come on in and close the door,
    You've been gone TOO long, welcome,
    You're home once more!'

    We can barely wait to hear of your time and adventures in New Zealand.
    Sasha love from Kendal and her Sasha Brood.

  3. He looks very happy to be home, bless him x

  4. Welcome home - and perfect weather to welcome you back to the UK. Hope you've had a great time.

  5. welcome back !....ill be in touch soon but its been a hectic weekend....speak soon
    sarah x

  6. Welcome Home Lorraine and Henry ;o)


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