Monday, 20 February 2012

Packing Henry's Bags.

Henry and I laid all his clothes and gear for his holiday today out ready to pack into his suitcase.

Goodness Henry do you REALLY need all that?

I think we can leave the denim coat behind now you have your gilet and a raincoat.  I'm sure you will be warm enough, it is summer there after all, even if it is coming towards the end of it.

I hope it will all fit and not exceed the weight allowance!

Yes lovely fit.

I hope you will be able to carry the case Henry as I will have my own to attend to!

You can?  That is good.  I see you also have you backpack over your shoulder.  Don't forget your sunglasses are sitting on the suitcase!  Oh and have you got your passport?

Yes it is already in your backpack is it?  That is good.

Bon Voyage everyone, we will write about all our adventures upon our return.  

We leave Wednesday and return Friday 23rd March.

I think Henry has pretty much everything now...just a couple of little items to sort out, but that should be it.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone upon our return.


  1. Bon Voyage Henry and Lorraine

  2. Henry,
    I'm most impressed with your packing. You've taken a good choice of clothing covering all eventualities and everything fits in superbly.
    Safe journey and have a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back.
    With love from Kendal and the Sasha Brood.

  3. Have a wonderful trip Henry and Lorraine - be sure to take lots of photos in all sorts of interesting locations because we all want the low down when you get back to England.

    Oops, does Henry have a camera? Maybe he will borrow yours when you're not looking Lorraine ;-)

  4. Gone a month! Ack what will I read over breakfast? Actually this will give me a chance to go back and enjoy all your previous posts. Henry's gear looks so cute all laid out. The shoes he are wearing are adorable (I hope he isn't reading this).

  5. Have a safe journey and a wonderful time!
    Just one H going to go 'commando' as you haven't packed any UNDERPANTS for him?! :)

  6. Actually I HAVE packed UNDERPANTS for him...they are under the socks AND he has a pair on ;-) Nah! :-D I've though of everything...or at least Henry has! ha ha

  7. Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!

    Be good Henry! :o)


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