Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Socks for Sasha & Tightening the limbs of an American Girl Doll

There are some very talented sock knitters in the world of Sash fortunately.

The first couple of paris are knited by Gill (Ebay profile bruno0199).

I have another couple of pairs, but they are currently being worn ;-)

Petrana  (ebay profile smpg298) made these four pairs that I was lucky enough to win in some giveaway's she was holding on her blog 

With the sun shining in through the patio doors this morning, giving the pretence that the day was an awful lot warmer than it was, I sat down and decided to attempt to tighten the leg elastics in my American Girl doll Kirsten.  Thanks to a you tube demonstration I felt able to tackle this task.

Her legs were really floppy and she couldn't stand up.

Not a very elegant position that is for sure, here legs could swing backwards and forwards...not good.

First I needed to undo the strings from the back of her head and remove it.

Then I had to pull all of the stuffing out...(hoping that I would be able to get it all back in again nicely)

With the stuffing removed I had to pop her legs through the top of the neck so that I could catch hold of the elastics...

Winding elastic bands around the top of the elastics between the metal flange and the white plastic shown.  I did this with both legs and her arms as well.  Although they were as loose as the legs they were still loose.  The elastics were in good order otherwise and I didn't want to attempt a complete restringing.

Push all the stuffing back into her body, attach the head and voila!

As good as new.  I also cleaned her limbs while I was at it as they were a little dirty.

She can stand nicely now and hold her arms up :-)

In celebration of her new found ability to stand I made a little dress for her, with Valentines day coming up I thought I would add some hearts ribbon and make a little red dress.

She seems quite happy with it.

She has let down her hair and is ready to party!

Sweet little smile.  So now I have two lovely models who can stand and pose well so I better get cracking with my American Girl sewing...although it may well have to wait until I get back from New never know what pretty fabrics I might find over there.

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