Thursday, 2 February 2012

Happy Henry, Sad Henry

Henry was delighted to be sent a cute Dolly Doodles shorts and t shirt outfit from Judith and Kendal to take on his holiday to New Zealand.  He seems to have lost his other dolly doodles t shirt so was very pleased to receive this set.  In fact I've even spent the day tidying and sorting through the sewing studio in the hope that I would find it, all to no avail... Where could it have got to I wonder?  Success, found it!

Henry really wanted to go outside dressed like this as the sun is shining gloriously today...that is until he opened the patio door and the rush of cold air hit his bare soon got shut!

Thank you Kendal and Judith, shouts Henry, hoping you both can hear!

What's this?

Why so sad Henry?

Oh dear, Mum's broken your brand new pair of sunglasses that only arrived yesterday, no wonder you are sad!  Dear oh dear, Mum is in the bad books this week.  First it was DS2's MP4 player that went through the washing machine...mind you I think that is his fault for not emptying his pockets when left his mound of washing to be done.  Now the sun glasses broken.  Not doing too well am I?

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  1. Not sure just where my first comment disappeared to so trying again.....
    So pleased that Henry approved of the shorts and T-shirt but sorry to hear that his sunglasses have been broken. Do hope that they can be mended in time as I'm sure that they will be much needed with all that sunshine.
    My brood wish him a safe journey and a wonderfully exciting holiday.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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