Sunday, 12 February 2012

True Upcycling Sewing Commission for Sasha

Despite the fact that I am supposed to be getting organised for my trip to New Zealand by tidying, clearing and sorting etc...I am easily distracted...and when I was asked if would make some clothes for Elsa's Sasha family, I readily agreed.  She wanted some things made with the fabric she had.  Actually it was recycling/upcycling...making use of some clothing and some curtaining that had special memories.

First up is a dress from the curtaining fabric:

Next was a sleeveless dress made from a skirt.

Next a dress made from a blouse:

Next up is a dress made from a very pretty Laura Ashley shirred dress with ties across the shoulders.  I wanted to fully utilise the prettiness of the dress by incorporating the shirring...this is what I came up with.

I am really pleased with this, it is so fine and pretty...I hope Elsa is as well.

Next was slightly challenging as it was a sleeveless top made of viscose with darts in the body.  Elsa wanted a sleeveless dress made from it and although it took some thinking about I believe I have achieved that nicely.

Now that will probably be all the sewing for me for a while now as I really must achieve quite a lot of household chores before I go away.  Six weeks ago I wrote out a schedule to make the work easier for me...did I follow it?  Of course I didn't and now I have last minute panicitis.  It is easy to say leave it...but I know what will happen if I do!  My dear husband will deal with it...and that is a scary thought indeed having experienced his 'tidying' techniques last year while I was away...So needs must.

I'm sure that Henry will pop in though to give some updates... :-)

Have a good week everyone.


  1. Your sewing is always so neat. Your friend will love all those outfits. You wouldn't have thought they were made from upcycled clothing. Brilliant.

  2. I love all the dresses you made! I love to recycle too. I used to do this with my granddaughter's outgrown clothing.

  3. A lovely idea, to have clothing made from things that one has aspecial fondness for. I really like them all, and I am sure Elsa was pleased with the too. I particularly like the floral dress withthe shirring across the bodice - and the starry tights really add some zing!


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