Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Look what has arrived for Henry!

What's this Henry?  You seem happier today.  Has something arrived in the post for you?

 Goodness me, what have you got there?

Look Mum, it has come all the way from Sasha in Dallas!

I'm going to see if I can open it up...it is lovely and large I should be able to get all my clothes and things in here okay.

That's it Henry, open the clasp.

Oh my goodness what is inside it Henry?

Oh Wow exclaim's Henry!

It is a horse!  Can I keep it Mum?  Please, pretty please?

Of course you can Henry, looks like he is pleased to be out of the suitcase!

I wonder what you are going to call him?

There is only one thing to call him Mum...

Dallas of course!

Look what else I got Mum!  Stickers!!  I love stickers!

I have a very happy Henry playing with Dallas now...so I should be able to get on with a few more chores while he is busy playing.

Thank you dear Brenda & Sasha family for thinking of Henry and sending him this wonderful gift.  I am sure he is going to make very good use of them!


  1. How sweet!

    Happy St. Valentines Day!

  2. Much better than that girly pink one (ha ha). Watching Henry plan for this big trip has been such fun. :)

  3. Just as long as he doesn't go over his luggage allowance!


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