Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mr Cool Dude

Do you remember Henry feeling sad the other week?

When I broke his brand new sun glassses?

Well after much trawling through evilbay...and having to purchase a bundle of glasses...all for one special pair...

Henry is now cheering for joy!

Not only the sun glasses, but Henry was delighted by the arrival of the wonderful red gilet made by Judith of Dolly Doodles that I had ordered for him.  (He really does get rather spoiled...I spend more on his clothes that I do mine!)

Are these 'cool' enough for you Henry?  

(oops, looks like I need to show Henry how to clean the dust of his glasses!)


  1. So pleased that your broken sunglasses have now been replaced in time for your visit to New Zealand as you're certainly hopefully going to need them out there on a daily basis.

    Lorraine I think that WE all buy and spend much more on our Sasha Doll clothing than we do on ours.

    Getting very close now to your leaving time. I hope that you both have a safe and pleasant journey out and a wonderful time staying with your parents.

    Third time lucky then for Henry's suitcase. Just the right size now.

    Henry look after your Mummy and Lorraine take good care of Henry.

    With love from Kendal.

  2. Well Henry is looking very 'cool' in his new glasses, you'd best be careful they dont think his a rock star come to visit!!

    Have a good trip, hope all goes well and Henry does not get too spoilt while he is out there.


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