Friday, 3 February 2012

A lovely Sasha Get Together

What happens when three grown women get together?  

Well they eat cake and talk Sasha dolls of course!

Up bright and early to make a lemon cake.

Grumps from the male don't make us one...

Two dresses made for gifts for Gill & Dee.

This one is for Harriet Bonham Carter - Hattie ;-)

The next is for Gill's beautiful brunette

Sorry for all the photos...I was practising!

The gathering of the Reds

The whole group...

Toby on the left next to Henry in their Dolly Doodle Dinosaur hoodies.  (Unplanned co-ordination I might add, obviously great minds think alike)

Toby & Henry in discussion giving each other a manly tap on the shoulder...

I think Toby might be telling Henry to make sure he looks for buried treasure on the shores of New Zealand, as the pirates may well have stopped off there.

Make sure you don't forget to return ol' chap, says Toby to Henry.

Now what do we have here?

This could be worrying...Hattie and Mona May together.

It all looks very serious, I wonder what they are discussing?  We will have to wait and see...(soon to appear on Dee's blog, Sasha Village.


  1. Hi, so sorry I missed it all!!! The pictures look absolutely gorgeous! Must have taken a lot of setting up! I am amazed you had time to eat cake (looks scrumptious)!

  2. Lovely cake and great company and red haired sasha's and Gregor's what more could a person ask for!

    looks like we just beat the snow too!

    Hattie thanks you for her dress which she is accessorizing as I write!

  3. What a fun time! Just look at all those sweet redheads! The others are adorable too, but redheads are my favorites. :o)

  4. Oh my word, what a great collection of reds!!!
    I've got 3 dark haired Sashas, would love a red.

  5. The lemon cake looks absolutely yummy... what fun to spend time with two other Sasha fans... adore your photos of all the red heads together... they are gorgeous.

  6. Sound like such a fun day. It would be hard to think of something better than friends you can enjoy a hobby (obsession--ha ha thinking of myself) with.

  7. Nothing quite like these Sasha 'get-together' days for sheer fun and enjoyment for both collectors and dolls.
    Wished that 'we' could have been there.
    Sasha love from Kendal ....who loves lemon sponge cake!


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