Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's snowing!

Oh  the excitement this morning when the kids woke up to see it had been snowing outside.

Before you could blink an eye, Mona and Henry had donned on their winter gear and out they went.

Let's build a snowman...

Come on Mona, help me...

What are you doing with that snowball in your hand?  Is it for the snowman?

No!  Don't throw it at me...

Henry makes a snow angel...

Mona looks down on him...I wonder what she is thinking?

I'm not sure she has purely innocent intentions!


  1. I am hoping I can leave a comment as I love the pictures of these two kids in the snow!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! They look so cute. Just what I was planning to do and then decided to stay in the warm instead!!! I love that lime green duffle coat! Very smart. Thanks, Lorraine!


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