Monday, 6 February 2012

Lovely Knitted Sweater Dress from Dee

A gift from Dee modelled by Jane, my Red haired Trendon Sasha.


I just love the colours in this sweater dress and hat and think it is just gorgeous.  It goes well with Lisa's suede boots.  Jane is very happy with it indeed.

Dee also gave Henry a beach ball and a little car to play with.

Gill gave the kids a pair of black boots...I think Mona has her eye on them...still to be photographed.

15 days before Henry's (and mine) trip to New Zealand, and I haven't really done ANYTHING on my list...I need panic to start to set in...Henry is okay, he has most of his gear ready, just a few things to arrive or get...


  1. I Do love Red haired Sasha's in blue.

  2. Jane looks really lovely dressed in her new dress and hat!

    Don't you go overdoing things, take a deep breath, and step back. Be calm! It will all get done and you will be fine!


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