Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Raincoat...the last of the sewing for a while...

The last of the sewing was finished yesterday...I now have three days left in which to organise myself!

Henry is wearing his new raincoat...I don't think you need your cap and sunglasses on as well Henry!

You'll take your cap off?

But not the sunglasses?  Well okay!

What's this, bare feet?  Oh you're getting in practice for when you are on the beach...

I wonder if Henry will ever take his 'shades' off?  Even my husband remarked last night that surely Henry didn't need his sunglasses on inside in the evening!


  1. Very sweet raincoat. I would love details about it such as what type of fabric you used and what pattern. The fit looks wonderful, and in the photos the fabric looks like it is waterproof. Anyway, I showed the picture to my Maisy, and now she is wanting one :)

  2. Yes the fabric is water proof. I have had it about 17 years from when I made a coat for my eldest son when he was 3.

  3. Aw! He's so sweet in his new raincoat and very handsome too.

    Madison xxx

  4. I so much love your raincoat, the color is beautiful and I like the style.Wonderful photos.

  5. In the last two photos he looks like he is a lifeguard watching the beach for any swimmers in trouble!

    Have a great time Henrya and lorraine, look forward to hearing about all your adventures when you return.

  6. Have totally fallen in love with Henry! Can't wait to hear about his adventures - and see the pictures of course! Have fun, both of you!


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