Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Denim for Henry & Mini AG Trousers

Henry now has a Denim coat to take away with him, just in case he needs it if the weather gets slightly chilly...not very likely but it pays to be prepared.

He wanted a hood on it, but I'm not sure if this was quite what he had in mind!

I finished another little knitting item yesterday for the Mini American Girl

A pair of trousers to match the sweater.  Again a pattern of Hazel's.


  1. Really like the denim duffle. Looks great on Henry

  2. Henry is definitely going to need that bigger suitcase to get all his new wardrobe in....he looks very smart in his new jacket

  3. He will indeed! Funny, you are the second person who has said that to me today ;-) I think he is going to have to fine tune what he is taking, or he will have more clothes than me!


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