Monday, 16 January 2012

Henry has been thinking, writing and hiking!

As mentioned earlier today Henry has been busy writing a list of things to take on holiday.  

Working by the patio door with the sun shining through he felt quite warm and could almost imagine he was already in NZ...well by a long shot I reckon!

He beavered away using a broken pencil that he found.

What's on your list Henry?  Can I have a look please?

Goodness you are rather specific aren't you?  Trendy sunhat?  Yes, I know you said you didn't want to wear one and I said you have as the sun burns quickly in NZ.  Okay so if you HAVE to wear one, you want it to be 'cool and trendy'

Oh you want sunglasses as well do you?

What else are you wanting to take with you?

Oh a book, well yes you will need to have something to read on the plane, it is a very long journey to New Zealand from England.

I can see you have missed out on some of the more practical how are you going to get your things to NZ.  Yes, I know you already have a rucksack, but you will also need a suitcase.

In your suitcase you will need to pack:

T Shirts
Swimming shorts
A rain coat - yes it can rain and a lot in NZ even in summer, so it pays to be prepared.
A pair of sandals,
A pair of trainers
Walking boots?
A body warmer/gillet -  for the slightly cooler days that need a bit extra than just a t shirt

NO you can't take a lap top, there is no computer or internet connection where we will be staying.  You will have to write postcards instead and we can blog about your adventures when we get back.

In your rucksack you can pack for the plane journey

A book
Your passport - currently been applied for
Something warm as sometimes it gets cold on the journey
A toy and something to do on the plane.

So what Henry is asking, is if any of his friends would like to help him collect together his travel gear he would be absolutely delighted and will send you postcards of his holiday, take lots of photos and then of course blog all about it when he gets back.  He knows his mum has so much to do, and is really struggling at the moment to get things done and would really appreciate any help he can arrange.  Plus he thinks it would be jolly good fun to send some postcards to his friends he have helped him on his journey.


Now as the sun was shining, he thought he would try out his rucksack that Tate gave him for size.

The sun may be shining Henry, but I don't think it is really warm enough to be outside in a short sleeve shirt!

Well they say children don't feel the cold like we do...  Looks like he is off!

Very smart indeed.  Thank you Tate!

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  1. I'll ask my girls to make something for him :-)


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