Sunday, 8 January 2012

Height differences!

After reading Dee's post today about the difference in height between two of Gill's Sashas and her question How Big is Your Sasha,  I thought  I would see what the difference between mine were.  I was fairly certainly that Molly is my smallest brunette Sasha, and I think she is probably overall my smallest as well.

Marina, my tallest brunette is standing next to Molly and you can see the difference in size quite clearly.

Next up I compared my blondes, the smallest being Sally my early 70s wide face Gingham girl I bought from Ted Menton.  The tallest is Sophie, who I currently have up for sale, but I am not seriously considering keeping her instead as it is nice to have the comparison in heights and she really is rather pretty.

So quite a difference indeed.

I can see I will now need an early red head so I can compare the difference between my redhead girls!  Good excuse anyway :-)


  1. Lorraine the differences in height are so striking! Seems that the older dolls are much smaller than the new dolls......

    When I get my early red head I'll let you know if there is a difference ;-)

  2. Amazing the differences in height. I've got the Marina version, so I can see that some Sasha girls are shorter than her.
    I would love to have a Sasha redhead, but finances won't allow at the moment. Same goes for a blond (and the one you've 'sort of' got for sale is beautiful).

  3. All beautiful dolls. I didn't know there was a difference in height, but there's lots I don't know about these sweet dolls. Its always fun to learn something new.


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