Friday, 27 January 2012

Keeping busy, an order, a gift, some sewing and some knitting.

Beautiful sunny day today, although so very cold.  I have been busy in my sewing studio again, finishing a little white dress that someone asked me to make.  

Modelled by Angela

and Serena...

Yesterday on the way home from quilting I passed by a friends house who was unwell and gave her a little 'get well' gift

Modelled again by Serena

Yesterday evening I received an email with a photo of the lovely Lydia wearing her new dress...

I have made another dress for American Girl Kirsten...who has very floppy legs...looks like I am going to have to learn how to tighten them, as it was quite an act to get her to stand on her own.

She is wearing 'Sonata'   The dress is the same style as the one I made the other day, I have just trimmed it with navy crochet edging.

Before Christmas I joined a Sasha Knitting group on Ravelry which is good fun and then the other week I joined another lively Ravelry knitting group for American Girls and joined in with a KAL - Knit A Long.  Quite a challenge, and probably the most difficult thing I have made for a doll yet, although good fun.  It has knitted up a little large and I still have a few items to make as the set includes a hat, cardigan, socks and panties.  I tried it on Kirsten first...

Yes a little big.

Then I tried it on Samantha, still a little big, but I think it probably suits her a bit better.

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  1. lovely dresses, you are so busy in your studio sewing.

    the knitted dress is a lovely colour and really suits the brunette.


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