Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Some new clothes, some sewing and a new doll...but not a Sasha! Shock!

Harlequin looks ever so pretty in this knit dress bought from Ebay seller  scueby-doo teamed with her leather waistcoat and boots made by Jean Jensen for the Sasha Secret Santa Swap.

Such a pretty girl, with lovely eyes and blonde hair.

Next we have my lovely early 70s blonde brunette wearing a beautiful smoked dress and cardigan made by Sheila (Ebay seller Sashadollsclothes)

She just so sweet this little girl.

Well as for the next young lady, one can only sigh...what wither her dreadful hair cut...she really does look much better with a hat on...and poor colour co-ordination sense, what can one really say?

She is wearing a lovely pair of Lisa's suede boots along with the bright orange cardigan made at her request and finished last night while watch One Foot in the Grave.

As it was such a miserable morning and has been drizzling pretty much all day I thought I would do some sewing and make a start on a dress for an American Girl.  It was about time I started making some things to practise making some clothing ready to pick out some outfits to send to US for a charity I read about on the Sasha Mart.

So getting out my trusty Singer 222K, you really can't beat them for smoothness and perfect straight stitch, I set to work.

Little did I know that an American Girl that I have had bought for me would arrive in the post today, just in time for a fitting!

This means that the lovely doll I was kindly lent can make her journey home, although I think I would like to make her a little something first.  Will show her another day.

Anyway, I never thought I would have an American Girl added to my collection!

Apparently her name is Samantha, I can see I am going to have to do a little research on these dolls.

Here she is modelling the new dress I have made.

I am really quite pleased with this dress, although don't think I will be making them for the charity as it has taken me all day to make it, plus I think the children will probably want more 'modern' clothes for the AG dolls.  However, I think it suits her and am pleased with the way it made up.

She is actually quite sweet and I can see the appeal.

Well needless to say NO housework got done today and now I have to dash off to physio...I better try and make some attempt to get some done when I get home.

I really don't know whether people are struggling to leave comments, don't want to leave comments, or whether I'm rambling along to myself, but hey would be nice to know who has a peak on here now and again, please don't be shy!


  1. I love the dress and your model!
    My first American girl was Kit :-).

  2. Dear Samantha does capture your heart doesn't she. She was my first AG and I love her history. That was what attracted me to AG dolls in the first place. Nice dress you've made.

  3. Thank you Sandy. I think I am rather smitten with her. Have read a brief history and I love that she is a 'period' doll of sorts. Funny, thinking about it, I remember reading a couple of American Girl History books a few years ago...I wonder where they are. I never realised they were connected to actual dolls. I think it may have been Felicity, that name seems to ring a bell.

  4. lorraine, i do think blogger is having problems, i said the same on ronnys blog...on some blogs i click comments , to either read them or leave one but it just leads to a blank im sure people are still looking at and enjoying your blog !...well done on the sewing, looks lovely ....sarah x

  5. the clothing for your dolls are just gorgeous! Found a pattern to make a dress for my Crissy doll on the net and some orange fabric too. Your Sasha blog inspired me to try to make her a new dress close to the original style, so I am peeking here too every now and then!

  6. Never been too sure about the look of AG dolls but your one looks quite sweet.

    All the girls looking good, Mona May is improving on her look

  7. Samantha has a lovely friendly face and the dress you've made for her is very pretty. My younger daughter has 2 mini AG dolls (Emily and Molly) and the story books to go with them (they're WW2 period). It is a very clever marketing idea to create stories to go with the dolls, especially period stories (makes it easier for parents to justify buying the doll if they think there is an 'educational' element involved). My cousin's daughter has an AG she chose when on holiday in the USA, it is one of the non named modern girls, so no stories come with her.

  8. The thing I like about the American Girl dolls are the accessories. Until they were marketed it was so hard to buy extras (clothes and all the other goodies) for dollies that children could play with. Also, they really got girls playing with dolls again and until an older age. The historical angle was also fun. My daughter was interested in Native Americans and chose Kaya to join us. The dress you made looks perfect for her.


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