Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Christmas present & a new outfit for Caleb

My Sasha's were very lucky to get a pretty dress from Sarah of Sasha-Vintage for Christmas.

My very pretty, early 70s Trendon Sasha, Victoria is modelling it.

Such a pretty dress, I think Victoria looks very sweet in it.

A close up of her lovely face.

Teamed with a pretty bolero jacket given to me by my friend Margaret.

Rather wistful looking...I wonder what she is thinking?

Next up is a lovely outfit bought from Bevbeese who was offering a special discount on Sasha Mart the other week.  It is worn by my early dark skinned Caleb.

I love the way the yellow contrasts with his skin colour.

He too has lovely face painting.

Wearing shoe/boots kindly given to me from Amey for holding the Sasha Secret Santa Swap.

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