Friday, 13 January 2012

Mona asks Henry to show her how to send emails.

Mona May has been bothering Henry for days now to show her how to use his laptop so that she can email Hattie, or rather Harriet Bonham Carter to be precise, and of course one must be precise.  

So why does Mona want to email Hattie I wonder?

Well she hasn't told Henry the reason why, as I'm sure if she had, he wouldn't be showing her how to use the computer!  She wants to ask Hattie to give her a few dress tips and if Hattie would mind if Mona emulated her in some ways as she has always admired Hattie's confidence in wearing just what she wants without worrying what other people think!  I think she has told Henry that she just wants someone to chat with, especially as she is hoping to meet her in person soon.  Also as mentioned before she wants to change her name by deed poll....although she still hasn't said what she wants to change it to.  Perhaps she wants to ask Hattie's suggestion there as well?  Goodness we shudder to think what these two might concoct together.

Henry has been very patient with her indeed, although I'm sure before long he will want to get back to playing!

While they are quiet I think I will leave them to it.


 Strangely my boys think I am certifiable!  Surely not?


  1. What a coincidence! Hattie was just asking who the girl was with Henry on the space hopper and liking the look of her sweater and hat!

    Hattie was reading over my shoulder when I read this blog and now she's gone off muttering about searching through her clothes to give Mona May some hints and tips.........could be an interesting meeting to come...

  2. Not until Mona and Henry start a blog :-)

  3. Oh dear my Brood have just caught sight of yet another laptop being used by Sashas. I can see that I'm going to have to go in search of one for them to use in the near future.
    Enjoying your blog, many thanks.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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