Monday, 23 January 2012

Shorts for Henry

Henry has been pestering and pestering for some gear to take to NZ, and keeps waving his list at to keep in happy today I made him a pair of swimming shorts...

Nice bright blue, red and white...

I also made him a pair of shorts with pockets on each side for any treasures he finds on his adventures.

That should keep him happy for a few more days hopefully, while I try and catch up with all the housework and tidying that needs doing and that I am so unsuccessful at!


  1. I hope you get this comment...Henry looks just the job in his shorts...the Sasha girls in NZ will be fighting over him when he visits :)

  2. Henry is so lucky to have a mum who can make him a couple of pairs of shorts for his trip.

  3. Henry's swimming shorts are fab, great colours. Tell him he can dream he is an Olympic swimmer when he wears them, very patriotic. His other shorts look good too.


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