Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ideal Dolls Crissy & family

Especially for my friend Marina of Maisie and the boys some photographs of my Crissy and her family.

I mentioned very early on in my blog that I used to collect Tressy dolls and have quite a large collection still and as such it seemed natural to also add some other vintage dolls with hair that grows to the collection.  They are all in their original outfits.


Velvet, Crissy's Younger Cousin

Of which I have two types

The second being a Look Around Velvet

Next is Velvet's little sister, Cinnamon.

Branid, is Velvet & Cinnamon's Californian cousin.

Tressy was a Sears Exclusive doll

I'm not sure who the next doll is, or even remember how I came by her...I think she might have come with a 'job lot' of dolls I bought at some stage.  I don't know who she is, but as she was with the girls above, she had her photo taken as well.

She has almost a masculine style body, and quite a small head that doesn't look quite in proportion with her body size.

Anyone recognise her?

Lastly for a bit of fun I took a photo of DS1's Cabbage Patch doll who he used to play with all the time with a young friend of his.  They used to push them around in little wooden pushchairs, and they had to have a load of clothes made for them.  The outfit he has on I made on my knitting machine that I used to have when I lived in New Zealand.

His name is 'Baby'.


  1. Brings back memories! I had a Moovin' Groovin' Crissy as a child and she was my favorite doll. I used to collect them as an adult, but no longer have them. I had every Crissy ever made, except for one...the Twirly Beads Crissy.

  2. I like little Cinnamon. I think the problem with the face of the unknown doll is that her neck is quite wide and long and the lower half of her face is small and narrow compared to the rest of her head. This is especially noticeable compared to the Crissy and Tressy girls who have quite strong jawlines. Does she have any markings on her to give a clue to her identity?

  3. No she has no markings at all.

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  5. they look great Lorraine,
    thanks for showing them.
    I was sure I had left you a comment but it isn't there? Hope mine wasn't the deleted one?

  6. I just bought a chrissy and velvet from a thrift shop for two bucks each!!!

    1. What a bargain! Now why don't I ever manage to find such bargains? :-)


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