Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Suitcase is Too Big Henry & A Surprise for the Girls.

Henry insisted on trying out the suitcase for size this afternoon...even though I told him it was too big!

Henry, it really is too big, you will have to pay for oversize baggage!

'What do you mean its too big?' says Henry, 'I can still use it surely?'

Ah, but can you carry it?  No you can't, so it must be too big!  We will have to keep looking for a smaller one for you to manage.

Today a long awaited surprise for the Sasha girls arrived.  I have had it on layaway and it had to come all the way from Canada.  Customs of course had fun with charging me a fortune for customs duty as well!  

Still I am sure the girls will get a lot of fun out of it.  I have already been requested to make some accessories for it.

Yes, it is a wonderful Doucet pram.  It is just missing its skirt cover (I think that is what it is called) but hopefully I can make something up in black leather to suit.

In beautiful condition for its age.  Just one minor repair and two small bolts to find to fit on the inside, but otherwise it is wonderful.

They just need a little baby doll now and a patchwork quilt and blankets.


  1. How sweet...although I still think you should have had a handsome, hunky Canadian Mountie sent over from Canada instead :)

  2. Probably, just not too sure what hubby would have thought to that! ;-)

    Mind you he doesn't know about the pram either....tee hee..

  3. I think you should have had a nice canadian mountie deliver the pram!
    Lucky you to find it.

    I bought a nice sasha sized case I'll try to remember where from, it might have been boneka ? they had little suit cases and hat box cases as well. try them

    and it's amazing what things our DH's dont know that our Sasha's own!!

  4. Lovely pram for your Sashas :)


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