Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lovely Gregor Sport Doll for Sale

I have just listed a Gregor Sport on my Dolls For Sale page which can be found here  Full payment details also on that page.  I will be listing him on Ebay as well..

Gregor Sport SOLD 

This Gregor Dark Sport dates from between 1974 & 1978.  He is in lovely played with condition and is looking for a new home.  He unfortunately doesn't have his original outfit as in typical boy style he left it behind at sports club one day!  He will come with the sweatshirt and overalls he is wearing, to protect his modesty. He poses nicely and has a full head of non-falling hair.  He has the ring neck mechanism with white strings in arms, brown in legs.  He has a lovely face with gorgeous brown eyes with just a hint of lashes.

I love my Gregors a lot, but need to downsize somewhat so that I can pay more attention to the ones I have and not neglect others.

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  1. Good luck with his adoption..I sure he will get a new mum soon...


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