Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Contemplating...knitting & a new outfit.

Contemplating...Victoria, my minty early 70s girl whom I haven't shown before. (There is quite a story to her!) She still smells like new and I finally plucked up the courage to redress her for Christmas.  She has a wider face than my other girls.  I must remember to compare her face to my WF Sasha, Sally that I bought from Ted Menton last year.

I've been contemplating and planning as well.  I need to find a more efficient way of keeping their clothes which are currently in a bag which I have to keep rummaging in to change them.  Have a few ideas, but nothing concrete yet.

I've also been working on a wish list for this year... again still needs a bit of refining before I am game enough to show anyone else.

I have a few projects I want to do and organise as well, again not quite ready to publish the what, how and wherefores yet.

I have been snuggling down doing some knitting in between sleeping the last few days.

Amber is modelling the jumper I finished yesterday.

The light is terrible so the photos don't give a true representation of the colours, but give a rough idea.

Wool used:  Opal Sock, Memory.

Molly is wearing the jumper I finished this afternoon.

I used some wool my MIL gave me in the summer last year.  It is Yarnfair Stripes DK.

The two girls together.

Amber looks much older than Molly, more like a teenager in these photos.

On Saturday a parcel arrived from Canada with a lovely set I had bought off Ebay before Christmas.

Made by Ebay seller Bevbeese, it was worth the wait and Emily looks very snug and warm in it.

The girls are gradually changing out of their Christmas party dresses into warm winter clothing.  They said they had had enough of being 'pretty' and wanted to be able to play without worrying about dirtying their lovely dresses.


  1. Lorraine you have been very busy knitting and the girls look great in their new sweaters and dress.

    Bev's outfits are ver nice and cosy for the kids

  2. Your dolls & outfits are adorable! I really wish I knew how to knit!

    Happy New year!

  3. lorraine, a simple way i found to hang clothes is to attatch two hooks to the bottom of a shelf with a piece of string attatched to each, like a washing line, then i made coat hangers out of wire made from a hardware store...ive also got a "cabinet" that is supposed to be for jewellery,its has 2 glass leaded doors to the front, i put dowling inside to make a hanging rail, shoes can fit in the bottom, little slots one side for hair clips and drawers for socks....its not very attractive but only 50p from a jumble sale (they have them in charity shops all the time)...but i still have lots of clothing in a box !....sarah x

  4. Don't they look so posh in their knitted jumpers. I've been knitting today as well.....must be cos it's winter!


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